Belal Kabul Bakhtar Limited hereafter “BKBLtd” is a leading firm within the food and none food items import and export industry. BKBLtd starts its operations on early 1943 with headquarter In Kabul Afghanistan and have offices as well as storages throughout the provinces of Afghanistan.
Furthermore have its corporate offices at UAE and Istanbul Turkey.

BKBLtd is a registered company and are operating under officially recognized business licensenumber 34947 issued by Ministry of Industry Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

BKBLtd is a food and none food item import and exporter and has full capability of importing large quantity of food items in country as well as provision of standard storages and distribution centers to include a center of receiving and shipping at the northern Afghanistan regions.

BKBLtd offers a wide range of services which are not limited but includes supply chain solutions for the food and none food item industry.