A great achievement for the greater good is certainly come from insisting and determination during times. Despite all the challenges that our company has faced since 2011 but our confident and our capabilities have results in our work for a better good. We always strive to provide services with the highest level and speed quality.

Today’s greatest success has been inspired by the continuous support and trust of our valued loyal customers and we, from our side, realize the amount of responsibility we carry. Accordingly, we work hard to meet and exceed our customers expectations and satisfactions.

About us

BKBMSP was established in 2011, regulated by the Da Afghanistan Bank, offering a wide range of smart financial service including currency exchange and payment solutions. Over the years, it has grown to the stage of being a leading currency exchange and money service provider in Afghanistan.


To be the first and trusted destination of the customers for money exchange and payment solutions


Providing superior value and quality financial services to its customers driven by state of the art technology and served through a dedicated and hardworking staff.

Core Values

Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Passion, Growth Orientation, Customer Centric


Enjoy sending money fast, easily and securely with guaranteed exchange rates and low fees through our diverse money transfer services.

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+93 (0) 78 833 0400



Kabul – Afghanistan

Gulbahar Center, Grand Floor, A-75, & Shar-e-New, Antique Street, House No: 18,


BKBMSP has the capacity to serve beneficiaries of the Humanitarian Organizations throughout the
country and for all means available, including but not limited to cash payment, cash against tokens or
coupons and bank transfers, however, given that the difficult situations of the banks in the country is
prevailing limits the cash transfers to bank accounts, BKBMSP facilitates “direct cash payment or
payment against coupons and bank transfers” to the beneficiaries.

Currently BKBMSP have few on-going cash distribution projects on behalf of its existing customer and
are well capable of distributing cash to all provinces to dedicate sites by its customer.