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Contract No: WFP/AFG/ITB/21/084

  • Cash distribution to beneficiaries at different provinces (8000 – 8500 household per location)
  • Cash distribution to all the ICRC offices in difference provinces (34 Provinces)
  • Payroll process at 34 Hospitals in 27 provinces of Afghanistan
  • Cash distribution to households in different provinces. (3000 to 4000 households per province)
  • Cash deposit to ICRC bank accounts.
  • Hospital running cost payments (Kabul and Provincial)
  • Cash distribution to Hospital discharged patients

Contract No: S14/2021

  • Staff salaries payments (Kabul and provincial)
  • Cash payment to vendors (Difference provinces in Afghanistan)
  • Provincial cash payments
  • Provincial cash distribution
  • Salaries disbursement (Kabul and Provincial)

Cash distribution services

Cash distribution services

Cash distribution services.